Day 8: Did I do that?- Anime that looks cute but is actually really dark

Here we are again for yet another Otakutober post! This time I thought I tackle an interesting phenomenon that anime seems to love. A deep dive into what it is to be cute but have a dark soul. Here is the trope that spans many, cute but deadly characters and anime.

Rolling Review: Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina (09) – The Con  Artists

There’s something strange about anime that gives you the sense that they will always be cute. As a veteran anime watcher, this is definitely not the case. Some would substitute cute with overtly sexual BUT again not all anime is like that. Take Promised Neverland or Wandering Witch. Both anime seem to be innocent from face value but actually goes way deeper and darker than expected and often leave us in a state of wonderment.

Over time there has been a whole lot of weird things that have come out of anime. Some consider it to be a release of the taboo hold in the form of a kink (as crazy as that sounds). But I would beg to differ. My thoughts on this topic are mainly about shock factor. I think it’s as good as a jump scare when you don’t expect the tiny girl with the machete.

Hibana daida - deadman wonderland | Deadman wonderland, Dead man, Wonderland

For normies there’s definitely confusion. Some are so shocked they just keep watching (that’s how the obsession begins). It’s honestly fascinating. The idea of a seemingly innocent thing committing an abundance of violence is almost like a release of pressure. It definitely is for the character but they never seem to be surprised after they commit the murders.

The anime law proclaims that any one person can wield any weapon they choose. So little girls can hold weapons twice their size and that’s completely okay. The strength of their spirit allows them to hack and slash…? Who knows. One thing I would like to mention that is rarely done is justifying this random act of rage… Unless it’s Wonder Egg Priority.

That’s all for now! I will continue to think on this strange trope…




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