Top 5 Anime Openings of Spring 2021

Hello everyone! Luna here on this fine Sunday, delivering you something more weeb related than culture blog related. I hope none of ya’ll are too sick of all this anime content, but we’ve got some exciting things in the work, in the meantime I’ve been listening (and listening and listening) to anime openings from this season, and thought I’d share with you my new picks for top 5 anime openings of Spring!

Mashiro no Oto

5) “Pleasure” by WARP’s UP, Fruits Basket final season

It almost feels unfair to include Fruits Basket on best openings and endings because this show consistently delivers good themes. So, to keep it short: this was not the opening I was expecting, but it is an absolute delight to both watch and listen to.

4) “Exist” by Raise a Suilen, Joran the Princess of Snow and Blood

DAAANG. This shit looks and sounds amazing. The opening scenes of this theme are honestly breathtaking–the characters standing in a field of what I can only assume are spider lilies. The petals blowing on our main character, and then the camera moving up to the moon and title. Each sequence in this opening is both simple and yet riveting, paired perfectly with the tune of this amazing song and each transition feels so seamless. Honestly, for an anime that wasn’t really on my radar, it has a banger of an opening.

3) “in case… “by BiSH, Godzilla Singular Point

The visuals on this opening are just awesome. The color, the edginess–it’s such a joy to watch and it makes me really interested in watching this show as a whole. I love the technical glitches and moving backgrounds in their hair, clothes, etc. It makes it visually interesting for standing images–makes it more complex. I wonder if the show itself is this complex as well.

2) “Seimei no Aria” by WagakkiBand, Mars Red

Goddess, WagakkiBand killed this opening! Their song is just absolute perfection and its paired so perfectly with the imagery that the entire vibe is just *chef’s kiss*. The best portion of this opening occurs at the 1:01 transition with what looks like smashed vials that moves into these framed, picture like moments that tell this story and then the transition into the snow scene is just–UGH. I REALLY love this opening. I haven’t even watched this anime yet but the direction of the opening is so beautiful that I can’t wait to pick it up.

1 ) “BLIZZARD” by Burnout Syndrome, Mashiro no Oto

This is not just the best opening of the season but so far my favorite opening of the year so far. Not only are the visuals and animation gorgeous (both in the show and the opening), but I LOVE that they use the shamisen as a piece of the opening song. Sometimes I find myself perplexed when a music show fails to utilize the instruments played in the show, in the openings, so this wonderful marriage of shamisen and guitar/rock was utter perfection. The music is telling us a story as much as the visuals of the opening are, and that’s impressive. Though we’re only two seasons into the year, I think it’s going to be really hard for another opening to reach the same nuance of Mashiro no Oto.

That’s it for today! What are your favorite openings of the season? What about the year so far? I always love to hear people’s opinions! I really need to start watching anime from this season though, the openings while amazing are so tempting–like little teasers telling me go watch all the amazing anime from the season! Well, till next time!

Stay weebtastic!




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