April Fufufu–Five Anime Moments that made us Laugh

Hello, hello and welcome on back to Otaku Thursday! Today, we’re going to be returning to some of that Fufufu’s Day content and revisiting some comedic anime moments that made me burst into laughter. Naturally, my sense of humor is going to be different than anyone else’s, so let me know what some of your favorite comedy moments are! The more laughs we can bring to the world through the power of anime, the better. Without further ado, let’s count it down.

April fufufu's day
Anime laughter

given anime
uenoyama ritsuka 
mutual love
given confession

5) It’s Mutual

While Given has its fill of drama-filled moment, it certainly has its moment of lightheartedness. This however, when Uenoayma’s brain literally stops working because he hadn’t entertained the idea that his crush may not be so one-sided, is priceless.

4) Hatsuharu’s real hair color

fruits basket
hatsuharu sohma
sohma men do it better

This…this is a classic. Whether it be the old 2000s anime or the new 2019 version, this scene is just perfect either way. Hatsuharu always does something that you don’t expect him to do, especially when he goes ‘dark mode’. This one though is just absolutely hilarious. What did he do in the bathroom? (We all know). It’s just a good moment.

3) Yuji and Todo become best friend

Jujutsu Kaisen 
Yuji and Todo 
shounen to shoujo
best friends

I am only putting this on here because I was so shooketh by this moment, I thought that we were watching a different anime for a second. Like, the change was so sudden from battle to slice-of-life daydream I honestly couldn’t. I just can’t help but laugh at this one. And lowkey I just kept waiting for Todo to call Yuji bestie instead of best friend.

2) Shoujo Vision

Kaguya-sama: Love is War
Shoujo vision
yuu ishigami
Miyuki shirogane

Star and I had a field day with this one. Like we could not keep our shit together when we witness shoujo vision for the first time. Mostly because we were like — WE KNOW PEOPLE LIKE THIS. Like, people who actually see in this shoujo vision. Hell, we have probably lived in shoujo vision for a hot second. It’s actually hilarious.

1 ) Don’t take Dad from me

Sk8 the infinity
Miya & Joe
Miya is child, Joe is father

Lastly, we have the most mischievous moment Miya has in sk8, and one of the most high-key bait moments in it. When Joe is trying to hit on girls and break up the happy family, Miya jumps in (quite literally) and stops him. We have that glorious moment of Joe looking at Cherry for a hot second, Langa & Reki mocking Shadow. Miya being coy. We love this scene. This is a great scene.

Stay weebtastic




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