It’s Luna’s bday!!! And she’s in the hot seat!

Hello everyone! Bringing it back to our tradition of putting a blogger in the hot seat on their bday haha. So gather round, it’s Luna’s turn to be the interviewee! As you all may know she and I, Star, are the creators for We be Bloggin’! She’s been doing a lot of the heavy lifting in the pandemic being that she’s the main aniblogger here. She also compiles and runs our yearly anime awards here on the blog. Along with being my weeby partner in crime she’s also my bestie IRL. SO it’s time to let the masses know a little bit about you, Luna!~

What is your favorite genre to write blogs about?

Anime rants. Is that a genre? I really like being able to just non-filter about an aspect of an anime. So, not full on reviews but just like straight up stream-of-conscious writing about the anime. I recently did one on ships and the anime SK8, and I had so much fun. I also did one on the impact of Hetalia–ALSO FUN. Honestly, it just feels so much more free form than other blogs I do, though I love doing all my blog posts to be honest. Even the awards ones that stress me out sometimes. But anime rants is just unfiltered crack–er, I mean fun

Sk8 the Infinity in 2021 | Anime

Every seasoned weeb is a collector of some sort, what is your flavor of expensive collections?

Well, I used to be an avid manga collector, but honestly it wasn’t that expensive–only because I bought the majority of my manga from a used bookstore where I could get a volume for a quarter. These days, since I don’t collect as much manga, I would say figurines is where my money is (and will continue) going to. I don’t have a lot yet…but I always want so many more.

What Time Does One Punch Man Episode 21 Air?
My Hero Academia Season 3 OST - All For One + The Power of All For One -  YouTube

If you could create an alcoholic cocktail to represent any anime character of your choice what would it be?

One Punch Man. And I want the drink to be called One Sip. And I want that sip to knock you out. 

📓LightYagami | Death note light, Light yagami, Death note

Alternatively, if it wasn’t based off a character but an anime concept, I’d want a drink based off of the All for one quirk. And it’d be every alcohol ever.

Who is your favorite/top anime antagonist of all time?

Just like fave protagonist, this is incredibly hard. I feel like I don’t have a favorite antagonist, just ones I really like. I guess I’ll always love the story of Light as an antagonist, but who doesn’t? I say he’s like just one of the first of many great antagonists for me.

What is a lifelong weeby goal/dream of yours?

fruits basket | Yuki sohma, Fruits basket manga, Fruits basket
Thoughts From an Asexual — Very Brief Thoughts - S2, E17

Ah okay this was a thinker. I have two goals–well, not goals but daydreams that I KNOW will never happen. Either a) talking plot and shop with my fave, Mineko Ohkami, the creator of Dragon Knights–aka my favorite manga ever. Then b) getting a story of mine adapted into a manga with the help of my fave shoujo artist, Banri Hidaka. 

Again, these are not goals by any means. I guess at this point I don’t see goals so much as I see dreams. Like, a lot of my ‘goals’ I know are 98% unattainable. So maybe I didn’t answer this question right, but I just can’t think of tangible, realistic goals. 

Happy birthday Luna, although most things may seem intangible right now, we never know what the future holds.




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