What a witch– Burn the Witch Review

Burn the witch review by YCK, Y0uC4n7Kn0w
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Is about two girls fighting dragons in modern London. They’re part of a society that helps clean up the mess that the dragons make also eliminate rouge dragons.

There’s only three episodes to this series since it was made from a one-shot by the same creator who did “Bleach”. (Which is really just the sole society in London.) I’m thoroughly enjoying the art style, and the design of the main three characters. And it doesn’t disappoint with the cute creatures which was an aspect of bleach that we all loved. It still hones in on a street fashion/art of a modern city which I thoroughly appreciate. The detail on the buildings and even the highlights on animals gives that edgy sort of feel.

Burn The Witch Review – Hogan Reviews

One thing I didn’t see coming is a main cast of women. Two protagonists and a dude who is honestly very useless. Not to mention the antagonist is also a woman who expresses romantic love of one of the female main characters. So surprisingly this is Shonen, urban-fantasy anime starring women, one of which has a female romantic admirer. It’s super rare in the anime world.

Unfortunately, I loved it. And I’m sad that it’s over. I could have happily watched 24 episodes of this. (Because we really don’t need another Bleach.)

There wasn’t an opening song but there was an insert that was pretty good!

The ending song is a banger. Just like most bleach openings and endings. They never cease to disappoint.




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