10th day of Weebsmas: Weirdest Santa’s in Anime

Hello and welcome back to the 12 days of Weebsmas! Today we’re sitting at day 10, and Weebsmas is SO CLOSE! Today, I decided that I was going to focus a little less on seasonal anime and a little more on holiday content within anime, so today we gonna talk about Santa in Anime. And more importantly how so many iterations of Santa are downright…wrong. Yup just wrong. Let’s get into it!

Santa — the serial killer.

7 Ho-Ho-Horrible Santas - The List [2018-12-08] - Anime News Network

Yes. Yes you did read that right. The scene: Vatican Miracle Examiner (which for reference, I don’t recommend watching). The concept: a serial killer who dresses up as Santa and kills people. This was like a super short segment but like…so memorable. A serial killer Santa…it really be killing the Weebsmas spirit.

Santa Claus (aka Tuxedo Mask in disguise)

Tuxedo Mask dressed as Santa Claus – Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year – Sailor  Moon S The Movie | Sailor Moon News

Okay to be honest, this iteration is the farthest thing from wrong. But I needed something wholesome as eye bleach compared to the rest of these. So basically, Tuxedo Mask is disguised as Santa comes in to save the Sailor Scouts in pure weebsmas fashion. Cute, fun, we love a good Tuxedo Mask.

Demon Santa (among others)

Santa is a Demon : Gintama

No show does a more jacked Santa than Gintama. And they do it…multiple times. The one Santa iteration from Gintama that immediately comes to mind is the one from the Satan Festival–aka when they go to hell to do some Christmas shopping. Because where better to find a gift than hell? Anyway, one of the demon’s just legit looks like santa wielding an axe. BUT HEY–while we’re on Gintama, let’s not forget the Santa and his weirdass human/reindeer Ben who I’m pretty sure die at the end of the episode. OR that time when they decided to do a battle of the Santa’s to see which Santa was best. Honestly, I love Gintama but these Christmas themed eps were wack.

Nicholas The Renegade

Sword Art Online 03 — Death, Be Not Proud | Draggle's Anime Blog

So this is the Santa that inspired this post. Nicholas the Renegade is from none other than Sword Art Online, season 1. This demented looking Santa Claus themed boss from the 35th floor (kami I hope I remembered that floor number right) of Aincrad gave off some super rare loot that could revive players. Anyway, Kirito fights this nightmarish St. Nick only to find out the item only works on players who just died (the game doesn’t support hacks). Honestly in terms of episodes…this was only memorable because of this horrific take on Christmas.

As you can tell…Santa and anime…are always an interesting combination. Sometimes, in shoujo, it ends up being real REAL cute and like wholesome Santa’s. However, there’s also plenty instances of–this where Santa ends up a serial killer, a demon, or the exact opposite of wholesome. What are some other interesting Santa’s in anime you can think of? Let me know. Also let me know if there are any that are somehow more horrific than these (minus Tuxedo Mask Santa–we love Tuxedo Mask Santa).

Stay weebtastic




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