8th day of Weebsmas: How to Set up a holiday photoshoot

Hey you cosplayers! The 8th day is for you of Weebsmas 2020 To follow through on the last holiday shoot this one was actually the very first shoot “professional” shoot we did together. Tbt to those vocaloid days here we go.

First step! Props.

Things to hold, things to wear, and things to interact with. It’s fun to have planned poses with the props OR let the props direct your poses!

Second step! Open space.

*Fun fact: We did this entire shoot sitting against a wall.

But honestly that’s all you need! A space and a backdrop of some sort from a fireplace to a blank wall you can dress up or dress down your surroundings. As long as the cosplay is the main focus that’s all that matters.

Third step! Lights, Camera, Action!

Good lighting can make a shoot. Highlights and shadows is honestly all you need. A camera on something stable like a table OR a tripod is the best option. We also played with rapid shots for about 5 seconds we were able to choose from a variety of shots that were clear and not blurry.

*Fun facts: Google will make gifs

Fourth Step: Keep your bloopers!

Bloopers are not only great keepsakes but it’s also great for jokes and teasers. I went ahead and made memes. (I knew these would come in handy.)

Hope you enjoyed this short and simple how to! And the content keeps coming! See you next time~



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