Star’s thoughts on The Final Fantasy VII Remake

I, Star, don’t know if you know my history with Square Enix and especially the Final Fantasy Franchise. But I’m going to shorten the story and say I have had feelings since the OG FFVII then Advent children came out and I absolutely enjoyed it (especially Vincent)… Okay onto the blog.

For First Time players

  • You lucky SOBs. This reboot is much easier.
  • Graphic wise this series was also incredibly easy to too see in terms of the map. Not to mention the characters look HELLA sharp. I loved all the characters revamped and detailed. The little touches of red on Tifa were a nice embellishment to her outfit as well as her double sports bra to keep in those girls of hers. Cloud looked as he always does with slight changes to his shoulder piece and his gauntlets. His sword is still ridiculous as it should be. Aerith was perfect. Barret was perfect and his voice was spot on. Marlene was adorable. Red xiii was a real treat to see.
  • Gameplay was fun. I liked being able to switch characters and run around in the battle. But they only let you have 3 in your party to fight with which is awkward when there’s 5 characters by the end and 4 are playable but you win some, you lose some.
  • I will tell you right now that this is the first installment of a three game series. (Or so they say…)

For the people who know

  • Cloud is perfect. Sad, suffering through PTSD, 100% what I expected him to stay as. Surrounded by babes but not really phased. Got eyes for one and you pick the one! I honestly enjoyed the surprise of what my answers led to and what the other options were.
  • Giving Avalanche more explanation was nice so I’ll give it that.
  • Talk about filler. This game was 60% filler. I wouldn’t even say it’s 1/3 of the plot. Um. I don’t know how I feel. I just. I don’t.
  • It’s a travesty when a Final Fantasy game can be completed in less than 50 hours. I know that’s a weird thing to say but part of what made the franchise so great was knowing it was going to be a grind and a puzzle strategizing your way to the finish line. They took out plot which is probably a take from the give that is graphics.
  • ZACK. smh. THEY BETTER HAVE A PLAN ABOUT THAT. If you’re going to split the game it better be worth it.
  • But I will say, those iconic scenes remade was probably the best part of the remake. So here’s to more in the future.

That’s all I got right now. Wait for the next game in whatever form it’s going to be will definitely be something to watch for. I already know I’m probably not going to see Vincent but at least we’ll get Yufie?




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