First impressions- No Guns Life

In a world where body enhancement is normal, this story begins with a kidnapping or so it seems in a mystery black and white noir. Except this isn’t in black and white. And our main character overextended his enhancement to change his head into a gun. He’s also got a doctor like best friend who knows how to work on extended pieces.

It has a Gangsta like feel being that it’s about a peacekeeper in a city filled with underground gang violence. There is also some human trafficking between big companies to do illegal experimentation with enhancements. With great enhancement comes great pain. Which brings in our addicted low class community that relies on drugs to live day by day. There’s definitely some history here, when the enhancements began in a war that had ended years ago. The newer enhancements seem to be more humane. Less bulky like Mr. Gunhead here.

This world seems grungy, the art style uses harsh lines and dark shadows with low lighting. Everything seems like it’s covered in a light coating of dirt.

The opening is Ska.

The ending seems a little out of place to be honest. But the artwork of course is spectacular. Makes me want to own the art book.

This has been another impression.




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