Hooked on the Look – First Impressions of Runway de Waratte

I’m going to skip the cute intro today and get straight to the gist if my thoughts which is just WOW. I watched the first episode like “eh better cycle through some of the new anime”…and then immediately kept watching til I had reached the newest (episode 3). It was, to put it simply way more intense than I thought and I fell in love with this anime after the first episode.

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The premise of the anime is a model who is too short wants to one day be a Paris runway model for her father’s company. But, y’know…height is of great importance in the modeling works so she is told she’ll never be one. Then she meets her classmates who originally wrote that he wanted to be a fashion designer on his future plans only to scribble it out. Upon meeting, they firm this immediate chemistry where they play off each other’s hopes and dreams. Chifuyu (our model) and Ikuto (our designer) almost immediately begin inspiring one another. Thus Ikuto makes Chifuyu a dress and BAM. Since it fits her perfectly and gives her that model look, she finally gets accepted to her father’s agency.

So like, typical first ep so far. She’s gonna go far yada yada. Except nope. It wasn’t done by just following Chifuyu, which is why I think I really enjoyed this. No, because we got introduced to home slice and possible nomination for best boy Ikuto. The anime made it very clear that this anime isn’t simply a team up between the two, but rather how they will each grow in their own right (and be pushed by the other). It’s honestly going to be a truly wonderful dynamic to witness for the both of them…and maybe that’s why this anime excites me like no other. Because it feels like more than anything this show is going to be about growth—meaning CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. And you know how much we love that.

But also like this show is crazy intense. 10/10 best tournament anime I’ve seen in a while (just kidding. There’s no tournament yet). What I mean by that is that this show makes us understand the gravity of say, having to save a show from failing, not wanting to showcase a gorgeous dress on a short model, or even having a heel break on the runway. And maybe it conveys that gravity so easily by showcasing how important these tiny things are to the characters. And more importantly to the world. Like hell, when Yananagi-san got mad at Ikuto for not basting the inside seams of the dress I was so offended at first…but as demon man explained the importance I was like. Huh. Well…you’re right though. And then I got it. We’re always told the world if fashion us cutthroat, and I love a good fashion story that showcases it as being cutthroat. This anime has just…hit so much differently. It has slapped me hard in the face with feels. Maybe cause the characters are so likeable? Like I enjoy both of their drive to not compromise and go for their dreams the best they can. And their chemistry…my goddess. I’ll mention it a million times because I love it so much. Please end up together. Please end up together. Please. End. Up. Together.

Oh. I also forgot to say that this is the best season of My Hero Academia yet—fashion themed and all. No, but in all seriousness the opening sequence gave me MHA vibes as Chifuyu said this is the story of how she became a top model. Cue golden lights and theme song. But if course she mentioned who was there at her back (Ikutooooo). But in all honesty in terms of origin story, Chifuyu and Ikuto are far superior to Deku and…I guess Kacchan. Except like way better. And instead of antagonizing each other they work together. So yeah. This is a better version of My Hero. A FASHIONABLE ONE. And I sincerely look forward to watching them become #1.

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So basically, if you want a cutthroat look into the world of fashion designing and modeling, look no further than Smile on the Runway. Who needs cliffhangers when the stakes are this high? 10/10 recommend.

Have anyone else watched Runway de Waratte? Please tell me someone has. I have a dire need to talk about this.

Til next time!


P.S. I may or may not have binged this manga after watching the first three eps….