Kumoricon 2019

Was a blast! It was quite the whirlwind weekend, especially as a staffer. But all-in-all it was a fun con. I got about 3 hours of sleep a night but coffee was delivered most mornings so there were some perks to waking up early.

Even with all the craziness I at least managed to get to kumorimarket twice! (Believe me when I say this was an achievement.)

My sticker haul was huge this year. And I wished I could have bought all the great weeby apparel I saw. Hopefully next time I’ll have more moneys haha 😂.

Sadly, Luna was unable to make it so I had to do the weebin for both of us this con. Our friends were good buffers in the chaos and it was my little sister’s first convention! She was hella spoiled by accidently cosplaying a character on the convention program bingo sheet. She got more photos taken than my veteran cosplay friends this year.

I’ve come to the point where my families on all aspects of my life are crossing over and as nervous as this makes me feel, I’m also really happy to see everyone enjoying themselves. In the busiest of times I knew I could rely on them to let me destress from all the drama that con can bring. So here’s to another beautiful Kumoricon!


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