Spring Cleaning help for Cosplayers- What to do with old cosplays

After this year’s cosplay making, I think it’s time for an anime spring cleaning extravaganza, cosplay style.

What do you do with old cosplays?

Storing cosplay is a double edged sword.

Most of my cosplays have an expiration date. They usually don’t last past three cons. I feel we get better making cosplay every year but there has only been a small number that have stood through the test of time.

When I first began I didn’t know all the tricks I do now and as Con Crunch reared it’s ugly head I started making shortcuts to make my crafting tasks shorter. But those cut corners began to fray and the temporary hold began to peel away. It’s pretty bad. There’s a ton of projects that I wish I could do again and I’m reminded every time I put a cosplay away. So now I’ve grown emotionally attached because my literally blood, sweat and tears were used to make so many of those cosplays.

So what do you do with them?

Here’s a few options that might work for you.


Pick out the cosplays you don’t wear anymore and collect all of the pieces.


Salvage what you can. The still wearable stuff verses the things that is barely holding together, doesn’t fit, or is ready to retire.


Out of the things that are still wearable, can you reuse any of it for another cosplay in the future? If so, store it for a future project. (The key is to know the project ahead of time.) If not, start a give away pile. Some casual and regular looking clothes can be donated. Most ridiculous styles could be kept for memorabilia, put on display at some point, passed down to another cosplayer, sold to the highest bidder or disposed of.

  • Wigs– Especially styled, can be sold for a good amount.
  • Shoes and Accessories- If barely worn, can be sold again. If not make goodwill (unless they don’t know your average shoe.
  • Props– Make great conversation starters in your living room but can also go for a high price online.
  • Tools– If you’ve replaced the same tool over the year, you should get rid of the old one.
  • Glue- The can seal up over time but it’s best to chuck the old stuff and replace it with the new.
  • Fabric- Perhaps it’s time to think of another project to use up the excess. Possibly not as intense as making a new cosplay, but perhaps other useful items. (Pillows, Curtains, stuff animals, etc.)

Hope this has helped with the annual closet purging this year! (I know I still have a lot of work to do :P)




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