Pattern vs. Custom

Hey ya’ll, it’s that time of the year again.


The most stressful time for us convention weebs. There’s a list of things we try to accomplish to get everything on track for the debut convention of our year. In this case it’s, Sakuracon.

Every week I’m going to go through each thing on our list. (Hopefully in the future I will get even more descriptive and defined with more photos and videos on each project we work on.) So let’s talk Cosplay!

If you were in-between about making a custom pattern versus using a store bought pattern here’s what you need to know.

Every year, we push ourselves just a little harder. So we started making custom patterns. Custom patterns have it’s pros and cons but it’s not for noobs, unless you plan to go hard or go home.


It’ll fit to your measurements because it is literally made for you. You don’t have to pay for the pattern since you’re making your own. It’s all about your comfort which means you pick how much fabric you need. You make your own instructions and steps so there’s no weird stitches and symbols to interrupt.


There’s more problem-solving since you’re calling the shots. Sometimes there’s more research involved because you’ll come across problems that is beyond your knowledge. Patterns are like jigsaw puzzles, except there’s a little more math involved. A basic understanding of arithmetic is necessary (addition, subtraction, division, multiplication).

Taking on cosplay can involve making some pretty ridiculous stuff. Taking on a custom pattern is huge so starting with something small and simple is a good way to get your mind on the path from drafting and crafting.

Hope this helped and wary cosplayers!




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