Life is hard for an Otaku: Younger Generations

I, Star, come from a long line of nerds so this is for those people who need a little help introducing and understanding the younger generation.

Luna and I are millennials which means we both grew up with game boys and the end of mixtapes. We clearly remember buying CDs and before cellphones could “flip” closed. But now, we have entered the “I” era. Where children remember iPods, iTouches, iPhones and with that comes the internet and social trends of memes and apps.

Can you imagine if we had memes in high school??? Like beyond grumpy cat and the many emotions of the troll face? AMAZING.

Nowadays, meme culture has become mainstream which makes it easier to relate to one another, normies and Otakus alike. Social media has now taken on a whole new meaning in the world of interacting in nerd culture. Which is terrifying to think about…

Open Forums

It is more likely for a child to find themselves in the company of adults online and that can be honestly destructive to a child’s self esteem. But it also builds character and helps with social interaction. I’m pretty much saying, if you want their life to branch to Hero, Anti-Hero, Villian earlier in life introduce them to competitive online gaming or online MMORPGs.

Building a Palette

This stems from the content you allow them to see. Have it be, classics or new content. Both will help to grow a palette that will determine their tastes throughout their lives. Starting with the things they will find nostalgic but will also influence their lives as we know it. Watching shows/movies or playing games with good values is a good way set them on the right path.

Outfit Decisions

This is how the outside world will see them, going to school, hanging out, going on errands. The goal here is to find ways for them to be comfortable with themselves without their future selves regretting the documentation of these fashion choices. It’s difficult and requires careful observation.

In a way, this all comes down to not giving bullies ammunition to beat these kids with. But with a cute way of letting them express and find themselves through the things you, or they may love.




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