Life is hard for an Otaku: Love edition- Live your best Shoujo life

It’s the beginning of our, oh so cringy, love edition. Where we share the best and nerdiest advice based on real experiences in our lives. And what better way to kick off the blog posts then a how-to on living your best Shoujo life.

And what to watch out for.

The White Knight

Rushing to someone’s aid is a valiant thing, but sometimes that help comes with extra intensity. A friend that’s looking out for you is an incredible friend indeed. They give you that shoulder to cry on and is your speedy get-away in overwhelming situations…. even when you don’t want it. You may want to explain your feelings before they take you in the wrong direction.

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Living a Meme

This arm on the wall meme. Is yes a meme. But it’s happened folks. And this comes as a blessing and a curse. This sudden invasion has saved folks but also haunted folks. This move is sometimes the best cockblocking move you can do for someone but if you are caught off guard this move can be the most nerve-wracking thing for any Shoujo loving reader in real life.

Image result for tohru honda food

Gifts that are food

A cute move, if done right. There are many stories of cute little cakes and chocolates for a very special person. But there have also been strange instances that resulted in people going a tad too far. It’s quality over quantity when it comes to food gifts.

Remember that, haha.

Handwritten apologies

This is the cutest one, in my opinion. People don’t write letters anymore, it’s super refreshing to recieve something like this. But may I warn you it can completely derail you and next you know, you’ve completely forgiven them. Unless you’ve made it clear that the problem/incident that happened didn’t need an apology. Then that cute little note turns into an annoyance. An act with possible ulterior motives.

Just be yourself. You shouldn’t have to try to be anyone else.




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