Kawaii dake ja Nai Shikimori-san- Shikimori not just a cutie Review

Hey hey it’s Star and I am passionate about this anime haha. I said it once and I’ll say it again, I love anime with representation. This time, it’s about the magical femboy. First of all, Femboys have become an actual identity as of late. I like to say it’s a sub-category of Non-binary, a feminine boy (but as a personal preference I like to include a masculine girl). It’s a magical mix of those who can do both but still identify as a boy or girl. For a girl to be boyish and a boy to be girlish there have been a few characters to walk the path but this time it’s both.

Watch the trailer

This is a slice of life story about a couple. Izumi who is a soft-spoken boy with terrible luck and a princely girl named Shikimori. Although Izumi blends into the crowd and sticks to himself Shikimori captures the hearts of men and women everywhere. Izumi is drawn cute and Shikimori is drawn beautiful they have their princely moments. Adorably, when the moments happen it shocks both of them.

They have a group of friends with a wide range of personalities and love maneuvering the nuances of being friends with a couple and discovering themselves.

It’s a cute and short series. Which I find truly an inspiration to the generation of Femboys out there. But, would like to say that this series is really about truly loving someone for who they are no matter who they represent themselves or what people say about them.


Shikimori’s pose game is fucking FANTASTIC.

Anyways, I thoroughly enjoyed it and the series does answer a lot of our questions but it does leave you wanting more. You could binge it in a day and leave with your heart fluttering and warm.




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