What was the Point of Mugen Train tv anime?

Hey all, this is a rant. Just kidding (kind of). This is a watch guide. Just kidding (only sort of). Alright enough talking here we go.

So when they say you’re getting new content they really mean one WHOLE prequel episode and about five minutes spread through all the other seven episodes. To be fair the prequel has a lot more context and the extra scenes focus on some context of what some of the other fights on the train was and some ghostly appearances.

You now know where the bentos came from

The prequel covers how Kyojuro was on an investigation and ended up buying a ton of bentos to compensate for the destruction it caused. He then also used it for bribes…

Dad comes back

For a brief moment, Tanjiro’s dad appears to give his son guidance. This scene lasted only for a few seconds. The afterward of the episode also featured his dad. It definitely wasn’t enough to give context or backstory but he did have an appearance.

What Tanjiro and Inosuke were doing

While Nezuko and Zenitsu we’re battling it out inside with the walls turning to flesh, Tanjiro and Inosuke were battling at the top vertebrae of the train. And I really mean vertebrae.

Fight scenes were a little longer

Some of the fight scenes in general were a little longer. Which just means we got to see a little bit more action. It was very hard to tell what was new and what wasn’t though since it was the same fight.

So, if you consider yourself a demon Slayer junkie then I say go ahead and watch all of the episodes of the TV series. If you consider yourself to be just your average watcher, it’s only worth the first episode if you’ve already seen the movie. In fact, watch the first episode and then watch the movie.




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