Family Dynamics in Anime

Hey all! In America it’s the time of the year where we celebrate family. We are prepping ourselves mentally and physically to be around the family we have chosen and/or the family we are born with. Being surrounded by people who mean something to you can bring up feelings that are often buried or underappreciated, same thing happens in Anime. Except, Japan has those days on different days than they do in America anyways I’m getting off point. (I will be using anime that has been on my mind in 2021.)

Being raised by someone who isn’t a parent but is still family

Kageki Shoujo uncle

There is a ton of stories where characters reach towards someone who isn’t their parents because frankly, their parents aren’t there. But more importantly, their parents may not be able to understand what’s really going on. Emotionally, physically, mentally, what have you. There might be an invisible expectation to be perfect, behaved, successful or better than their parents. In anime, it’s often dark but doesn’t always have to be.

misato  and his aunt | bakuten!

And sometimes, they are the only ones left in the world. They do their best to pick up where their parents left off and give them the loving support they feel they deserve and need in the world. Honestly, shoutout to the aunts, uncles, and grandparents who were there for these characters. Much like people IRL they wouldn’t have gone into the people they were without them.


Being raised by someone who isn’t a parent and isn’t your family


So I want to point out that Godparents count in this category. These stellar and sometimes messy adults try their best to be there and share their wisdom. Sometimes you’re stuck with what you got and sometimes their job is to guide you in the right direction providing history and knowledge. And sometimes they are just pervy drunks.

Being raised by a sibling

Those Snow White Notes
The Promised Neverland

I’ve added a group that grew up together as a sibling cluster (because I think that’s fair even if they aren’t blood related). I think there is a sort of competition like aspect that some siblings have when they only have each other. Although estranged there is still a moment of how they influenced each other. While some work as a team and honestly bring forth the best of each other.

Kill la Kill

Being raised by a horrible parent

Adam and his aunts | Sk8

So I’m going to give this one to Sakugan because he’s at least trying to be a dad. But some of these parents are terrible and often abuse and trauma. Although there are supportive parents that try to be there for their children in whatever form that may be by pushing them or being the best cheerleader they can be.

Being raised by a mentor or teacher

Jujutsu Kaisen
Demon Slayer | Tanjiro and the Tengu

This is a particular situation that I figured I should mention in its own category because it is different than being a godfather or extended family. In a way, it’s like a minor adoption. There’s a special bonding of trust that a mentor has in order to guide their student. It’s very precious.

I’m keeping it light because I plan to dive deeper later y’all!




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