Anime Influences America- Fashion Trends

Hey all! Welcome to another addition of Anime Influences America! This time I, Star, is briefly diving into the trends and obsession of fashion that Japan and anime has brought to our closets. How it happened, what it’s all about, why do people sell their souls for it, etc. Alright, here we go!

I think the question is… How did this happen? And I think we know the answer… Marketing. But more importantly were we expecting it to blow up as big as it did? Honestly no. There was so many things in existence before they were animated that it was rather strange to see the connection between some of the trends in Japan and western cultures colliding in an incredible way.

Fashion Trends

Wagakki Band
Wagakki Band

So Japan has brought us a WHOLE lot of cool trends. The biggest one being the Kimono style robe, which we’ve adapted into our own designs. But my personal favorite is Visual Kei. Although the Kimono style is traditional and a classic it’s style can be considered racial appropriation if worn incorrectly. While Visual Kei can be dressed up or down depending on the person’s personal style. Similar to Lolita fashion, which was originally an European vintage trend that took Anime and convention life by storm.


Mars Red – 04 – Random Curiosity

When the West was introduced to the magic of the Kimono, Americans started wearing them open and closed. Mainly for leisure until it reached high fashion and entered the modern market once again. Like any Otaku, there are enthusiasts that specialize on how to tie an Obi (sash) and wear appropriately. Hapi coats also became popular since they were on the shorter side versus the full length Kimono.

Visual Kei

29 Mars red ideas in 2021 | suwa, red mars, red

Is the Japanese take on British punk. It’s edgy and dark or bright and neon. With hair, make-up, piercings and chains in a post-apocalyptical sense. Where dyed hair and intense make-up is what makes this fashion trend a wild success. And strangely foreseeing with the mask accessories.


suwa on a boat, with a girl, going to america

This one’s popularity is very surprising. Even though it’s not fully Japanese this trend has found ways to showcase other vintage and modern styles but still hold true to it’s elegant form. From sweet to gothic, prince to princess, it’s a wildly impressive feat of tailoring to make and put together.

Short and sweet highlights on fashion, unlike my not-so-brief history lesson of the past 30 years of anime. Images brought to you by Suwa from Mars Red who just happens to wear and interact with a little bit of everything I listed here… No wonder he’s so popular… Also featured Wagakki band for playing the opening of this anime as well as showcasing their very unique style of Kimono style visual kei.




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