Couples everywhere–She-Ra Reboot a series review

Hey y’all I’m here with another rare American cartoon review. But it’s so popular in the cosplay community how could I not.

I want to start off by saying, this series is filled with all the colors of the rainbow. It’s a story of endearment that addresses love of all kinds. Which an underlining message about learning how to overcome trauma and thusly breaking the cycle of abuse.

In terms of the whole series for me I think it was cute. The tropes of any hero’s journey was there so it made it a tad predictable. I think the story could have gone a little deeper into characters feelings and thought processes. Some things came a little out of nowhere or felt like we missed some backstory. With that being said I think character development for all other characters (other than Adora and Catra) could have been a little stronger.

My favorite characters were Mermista just because I could relate to her feelings of “ugggh”. But I have a soft spot for animal companions so Melog immediately became my favorite. As for the most personal connection I felt tied to Catra and Adora (no surprise there, since we learn the most about their personalities).

I liked all the evolving outfit/character designs especially the different body types and sexualities. I saw a meme about how the women wear accurate armor and the men are the ones in ridiculous outfits, when it comes to fighting. Completely hilarious and totally true. The gender norms are flipped in this one.

Speaking of couplings, more than half the cast found a significant other by the end of the series. There wasn’t much of a surprise when it came down to happy endings but it made sense to have one since Voltron was such a shit show by the last season. The fans wanted closure on the always looming question about Catra and Adora’s relationship and what it truly was.


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