Anime Music Quiz!- A hilariously amusing experience

For those of you who don’t know, there’s this great new game for weebs that are lovers of music in anime it’s called, Anime Music Quiz! And let me tell you it’s a ton of fun. Even if you don’t know the music the more you play the more you learn what the site stores! It’s pretty hilarious and can get competitive especially when you accompany it with skype or discord family. (Which honestly I recommend doing!)

So AMQ has different ways to play the game, which Luna and I have experienced which is the normal mode and battle royale.

Normal Mode

Is basically a trivia game in the original aspect where you are sitting at a virtual table and you type out what anime you think the song is from.

Battle Royale Mode

Is based on the group picking anime that work for you or against the group and guessing through the accumulative pile. Everyone starts with 5 lives (five guesses) and once your lives run out you have until the last person in the game “dies” or runs out of lives to gain 3 correct answers to be revived again.

It’s competitive but there’s room to joke around and have a good time. You can give each other hints or throw each other off. Both modes show the leader-board on who’s in the lead and most settings you can adjust. The guess time, the number of songs, what year they came out, etc. This game definitely exposes the kind of weeb you are in terms of the genre you watch or the years you began watching. Which brings up some great conversation for you awkward introverts.




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