Star’s initial sporadic thoughts caused by triggers while watching–Weathering with you ***Spoilers***

Um. I feel attacked.

So there’s a few things in this film that were beautiful like the water animation and the city scapes. The concept was similar to Your Name where they took a myth from Japanese lore and applied it to the world of today in terms of discovery.

But that’s not where I felt attacked.

(This is where the real spoilers begin. Read at your own risk.)

THIS WAS UNBELIEVABLE. HOW FUCKING DARE HE ADD CAMEOS OF  CHARACTERS FROM HIS OTHER MOVIE . HOW FUCKING DARE HE. This opened up a whole new can of worms that just happened to expose a universe. NBD. “I wonder what American audiences will think.” He says. Welp. Here it is.

I get that this whole purpose was to show how global warming is affecting our planet. So why did he have to bring Your Name into this? Like we weren’t hurting enough as it is. Also just like the last one I was incredibly stressed out. Way to up the stakes my man. I’m pretty sure the whole theater was holding their breath. There’s something about getting beat in his movies that on some level you as a viewer feels in your heart of hearts.

Then he called everybody that noticed an OTAKU.


So I’m still in my feelings about the whole thing… But all that aside, he does a wonderful job showing vulnerability and sensitivity when it comes to his male protagonists. So much so, it sparked thoughts like “he loved her so much, he went to the heavens just to bring her back”. That’s some serious feelings for a 16 year old. The love he had was more than all of Tokyo. WTH. I get it, it’s an incredibly romantic gesture that most of us don’t believe actually exists outside of fiction but he made it that way to show hope. That love is out there and it’s worth fighting for. But also did his first love have to be his only love? And hold up why is that so familiar… Oh idk maybe because the mentor figure in his life was also lovesick over his first and only love, his baby momma.

Also can we talk about how obvious the acts were in terms of where they begin and end? Hmm. Why is it so familiar oh idk because IT’S THE SAME DAMN FORMULA. No wonder why I was stressin’ out. I was constantly being triggered from watching YOUR NAME.

Someone asked me today which I would recommend you see first. I told them Weathering with you in hopes that they won’t be as angry when they see the past  (or is it the present) of the universe that he spun out of control. This is either the best continuity I’ve ever seen or the worst. It’s funny how I can’t tell.

Anyways thanks for reading my very disjointed TedTalk made opinion article.