First Impressions- Azur Lane

Hey y’all! It’s Star and this time I’m covering Mecha of sorts. In the world of anime anything is possible. That includes anime girls and battleships, carriers, planes coming together in one body to fight each other to reteach us the history of the axis powers and allies. I shit you not my weebs. This is one I haven’t seen before. Although some of you might recognize the video game that came out in 2017.

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“War never changes it’s always the same, no matter the era.”

They look like humans and use magical crystal boxes to unleash the power of the strongest military weapons to fight against the “Sirens”. The Sakura Empire and Iron Blood aka Red Axis joined forces to fight the Azur Lane aka the Allies.

To cover a lot of the anime basis of busty, colorful haired maidens with lesbian tendencies. Possibly because they are constantly accessing and admiring each other’s bodies because they are their weapons and each one is different.

Animation wise this is a bright series, with rounded edges, cute outfit designs and lots of gorgeous shiny hairflips. And of course it’s a little ecchi with your occasionally panty shots and nip-slips.

I recommend the dub because the accents help identify which country they are suppose to be a part of.

The opening represents the series perfectly. Poppy, uplifting melody sung by a girl group.

The ending is a beautiful lullaby. Which is a lovely cool down to the craziness that is this series. Also I’m sure there’s some symbolism in the last supper. Because I’m sure some of these girls will die.