A Lesson in Convention Etiquette- Cosplay is Not Consent

Let’s talk convention etiquette! I want to begin by saying that this post was inspired by people who have poor etiquette towards cosplayers. And it’s time we start talking about it.

Like the title suggests cosplay is not consent. That means, no matter who is wearing it, it doesn’t mean that the general public or other convention attendees have the permission to act or say things that are disrespectful, degrading, vulgar, because that’s straight up harrasment. If it’s online or in person.

Here’s a few tips…

Stick to gender neutral pronouns. Don’t assume someone’s pronouns. It’s common courtesy.

Know your colors. Badges are indicators of how old an attendee is. Before you flirt or dance up on a cute cosplayer make sure they are of age.

Just because they are cosplaying a certain character don’t expect them to be the character.

Cosplay isn’t a reason to be disrespectful and Cosplayers shouldn’t be subjected to harassment. Just because they cosplay your husbando/waifu doesn’t mean they are your husbando/waifu. They are people too. They are also dressing up for them and not everyone else.

Remember, this is a safe space.




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