2020 vision– Our Blog Resolution

Hey everybody, we thought it’d be a nice little break to talk about our blog’s resolution. Pluuuuus it’s a good excuse to check in with ourselves and you all! On our ever growing journey of being part of the ani-blogger community.

So here’s what we got!

We would like to post more consistently. 

We had it pretty consistent for a while and went through a slippery slope. (Exactly what life does in your twenties.) We were able to cover each other for the most part but none of that would have been possible if we didn’t have some pre-written in our drafts. So we’ve decided to procrastinate less and schedule posts to upload ahead of time so we don’t have worry when we’re on one of our many adventures.

Do at least 5 first impressions for each season

This one is easy in retrospect. Watch more anime DUH (and write about it haha). Finding the time to watch anime is really what this is about. We never want watching anime to be a chore. It’s suppose to be fun and for the both of us anime is a relaxing, exciting, hilarious experience and without it we get trapped in the world around us.

Do more anime musings posts

As much as we love writing about the new stuff so that you guys might not have to, we also don’t get to talk about the little things.  You know, the things that we love in the series that we get attached to but have no time or a place to talk about them? We promise to make appropriate spoiler warnings of course!

Make more themed blogs

Like our Life is Hard for an Otaku series! Possibly starting a rant series or something of that nature. Maybe if we’re being over ambitious we’ll add another blogging event where we post day after day who knows! We’ve got time to brainstorm.

Start our short video plans

We’ve talk a lot about doing some sort of short video plan on instgram to marry our irl friends and our blogging friends.

Be more active on our other blog as well

This one is related to the point above. Our other blog, Sincerely, YCK! is meant to give us a break from what we do here with anime blogs. But also want to show off our weeby lifestyle and want to adventure as not just bloggers but writers. We’re inspired by travels, our friends, each other, stories, tradition, family,  and strangers really random strangers that we meet at parties or cons.

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To new beginnings!




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