Life is hard for an Otaku: Online Dating- An opinion piece

I’m going to start by saying Luna and I have completely lost faith in online dating and dating apps and here’s why.

Online Dating

Online dating is a slippery slope. As comfortable as we are online, we have built a sort of thick skin. It’s like we can smell their desperation. (Which is not attractive.) I have noticed a common theme when it comes to nerds online. There is a certain defensive mechanism that is centered around being anonymous. It allows them to become cocky and arrogant especially in the kind of nerd that they are.

On a positive note, some normies try to appeal to weebs by trying their best to be into the flavor of weeb that you are. But in a way, you can’t help but wonder if perhaps they are fufilling a sort of kink.

Dating Apps

Let’s be real, it’s hard not to put a cosplay photo in your profile. I’m sure someone out there has felt this pain because those photos are 🔥 haha. But this can effect the image normies may make of you. Then you’re only appealing to nerds. But nerds understand that kind of hobby and passion and tends to take no offense when their significant other is running around scantally-clad. It’s honestly a toss up.

Maybe one day I will understand the magic of dating in the modern age but I need some time to recharge first 😂.




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