Beauty tips for weebs

Hey everyone! This is another ConCrunch blog! I figured now is the time to share my beauty ritual for the con season. It’s all about keeping my face clear and clean (so I have less to cover up).

Before I begin, I would like to explain that we are all unique and some tips that work for me, might not be what you’re looking for. Also what you eat may affect your body and face. As well as you are caring for your face you may also want to think about what you are putting into your body because that is what comes out of your pores.

Every step in the routine is to cater to one vital step in caring for your face. Depending on if you have combination skin types or skin conditions these steps tend to be modified or transferable to other parts of your body. But I have 3 basic steps.

Face wash

This is the step you are suppose to do everyday. It helps remove all the dirt, dust, oil, from your face. Think of your face as the first line of contact to your environment, other people, weather, light, it all hits first. Your face is barely protected if at all by the world. So in order to keep it looking and feeling healthy, you need to clean it. First on the surface level.

I don’t like to use heavy acidic chemicals on my skins so I lean towards more natural and moisturizing face washes.

Biore has been my go to brand for face wash and the japanese recipes have been the most gentle with my skin while cleaning. It leaves my skin feeling extra smooth.


Scrubs are a deeper cleanse. You should do these less often than everyday, depending on the scrub it could damage your skin, leaving it red and irritated. I use my scrub one or twice a week. This is ment to clean your pores. Not to be confused with masks, scrubs are more of a heavy duty wash. Leaving a scrub on your face won’t do much to your skin.

LUSH has been a huge investment in terms of scrubs. There are a ton of options to use and you can sample more of their stuff if you ask. I’m a huge face of their charcol mixtures but their moisture scrubs are also really great.


Toners have been falsely advertised to be the “acne removers”. While in reality, toners are used to shrink your pores. So less dirt can collect there. Dirt and oil build-ups is the number one causes of acne. But your hormones and diet can affect it too.

I actually make my own toner, and a little bit goes a long way.

I have oily skin so I use a Green Tea + Apple cider vinegar toner. 2 tsps of apple cider vinegar in a pot of green tea boiled for a while, then poured into a water bottle and stored in the fridge. A few drops on a facial pad rubbed on after your face wash or scrub and you’re gucci fam.

This concludes the ConCrunch blogs, it’s been real! Next time, I’ll be writing about the WsGs at Sakuracon!




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