Life is Hard for an Otaku: Social Events

I’m talking about those events that aren’t weeby or nerdy. The ones your normie friends cling to every year to get wild and crazy. Yeah, that one. This blog goes out the nerd in the room.

Every now and then a weeb, is invited to a non-weeby event. Most weebs have three main reactions to being with the general public: shut up, shut down, and wild out.

Shut up

This is the budding wall-flower. This particularly means they are too much of a nerd to think of non-nerdy topics to talk about so instead they become incredibly quiet. Then once a nerdy topic is hit, they explode in an overwhelming wave of fangirling.

Shut down

This is the step farther than a wall-flower. Not only are they silent but they also purposely distance themselves from the group. And while they do this, they don’t just look longingly out into the crowd but they pull out a electronic device to start, playing, streaming, nerdy content.

Wilding Out

Unlike the “shutting up” and “shutting down” this one is taking the nerdy content and blantly forcing it upon the public. Signs of this can be, bringing up obsessions into conversations repeatedly, seeing something similar to an obsession and jumping blindly into it without reading the room first, being overly excited about the event by being not only prepared but beyond aware of every little thing on the agenda.

Each of these can be remedied by little things. Such as, subtle swag that only another nerd would recognize hidden somewhere on their person. Like a keychain or a accessory. A little sign to show other nerds that you can talk nerdy with them. That is like having an open invitation for conversation and possible partnership in this normie event.

Deep breaths and courage also helps. We don’t need an anxiety attack. Staying calm and open to new opportunities is also an acceptable solution.

Keep calm and stay nerdy,




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