Omedetou Grads- The significance of Graduation confessions

There’s something so poetic about confessing on the last day. There have been a number of live-action dramas and anime that have had a number of confessions because it’s the last possible chance that one person can have before they separate. So I’ll be jumping right in.

In American media, we seem to have so many last-minute confessions but honestly, none of them brought the beauty and grace of a graduation confession like they do in anime. I’m not sure why or how, but the stakes always seem high in a heart-racing adrenaline sort of way with a twist of melancholy. I’m not sure why American confessions feel like a constant do-or-die. But the consequences seem so immediate with American shows while anime tends to feel a little less chaotic.

Kaguya-sama: Love is War

So take Kaguya for example. Although this anime was made to be a comedy it still feels very hectic as they race to confess to one another. There is no life and death about graduation, but the possibility of not being around anymore, not being able to see one another, and finally not being able to love each other openly was enough for Miyuki to ask the ultimate proposal in order to keep her in his life.

Fruits Basket

In terms of Machi’s confession, she had no idea the situation that Yuki was in. Yuki made a declaration by finally overcoming his trauma and taking hold of his independence. Defying the holds that bind him to his family he took a chance and broke them to love her.

In both examples, the opposite party has feelings that they would like to reciprocate. Kaguya, fought a love war to hold out from confessing but she started to feel the time she had left was running out and he may slip through her fingers forever. She’s ultimately spent too much time-fighting and not enough time loving.

While Machi tried to hide her flaws and her affection because she felt different from all the other girls that loved Yuki. Although her love was not as visible as Kaguya’s, Machi still held onto the items he gave her and valued the time she had with him. Because she knew she didn’t have much to offer him and that he would deserve someone as bright and brilliant as he was. But he took notice of how she could see the real him underneath the pretty face and gorgeous hair. To an extent, everyone in his life has treated him like an object to be treasured and passed around. He enjoyed that she never gave him special treatment. (The same can’t be told about Tohru, even she was blinded by his beauty.)

So I guess all I can say is that graduation confessions in anime like these are sweet and signify a sort of stance on following your heart, being selfish for once and putting in all and expecting nothing.



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