Kaguya-Sama: Love is War Series review

Hey all, it’s yo gurl, Star, back for another series review! I want to say this is my favorite romantic comedy of the decade. It’s cute, funny, heartwarming, quirky and honestly all out pleasure to watch. It gives me spring/summer vibes in the best ways and really sell how the war of courting is so entertaining.

So for those who haven’t seen Kaguya-Sama: Love is War, it’s about two top academics on the student council of a prestigious high school from completely different backgrounds trying to get the other to confess their love for the other first. Their friends and family watch the battle of wits, sometimes contributing in the chaos or helping one side win a battle but not the war.

To me, the clever plots mixed with the anxiety of having a crush and the competitiveness of the characters has me rolling every time. It’s one of those anime that you can watch to bring up your mood. Although the characters are semi-relateable and some of the situations are somewhat triggering, cringeworthy and embarrassing, it’s told in a comedic way that lightens the mood.

The art is bright and bubbly, but keeps the authenticity of the manga with the bold shadows and thick lines. While the music is catchy and upbeat. It’s honestly a fun uplifting rollercoaster that is perfect for someone who wants to laugh about so logic and deduction courting this is the show.




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