Boys to Men- Fruits Basket edition

Decided to do a special version of our best boy posts by focusing on character development within the male species in one anime. So we chose Furuba.


Kyo Sohma
Fruits Basket

So Kyo was classic character development to me. He started cold and stubborn then grew to be considerate and inclusive. His cursed situation was unique and caused a lot of self-valuing issues. He didn’t want to get close to people with good reason when someone tells you for years that you will end up locked up and alone.


Yuki Sohma
Fruits Basket

Realizing the kind of love he was missing allowed him to be romantically open. In a way, romance wasn’t at the forefront of his mind. He also grew to speak his mind and stand up for himself. Simar to Kyo he was told he didn’t have freedom because he was born for someone else’s amusement. Finding his voice was monumental to his growth.


Hatsuharu Sohma
Fruits Basket

As a young boy he felt pretty powerless with his cousins’ situations. He felt he couldn’t change any outcome even though people were suffering around him. Opposite to Yuki, Hatsuharu had a more aggressive side to his curse and spoke his mind bluntly with action and words. But overall I think his greatest struggle was control. He couldn’t control anyone’s outcomes no matter how hard he tried to protect them.

Hatori Sohma
Fruits Basket


Anguish and tragedy was no stranger to Hatori. After losing what meant the most to him he felt he couldn’t find love again. But watching his younger cousins trying to love inspired him to try again.


Momiji Sohma
Fruits Basket

He, by far had the best glow up. But in terms of growth he always did what he was told. But his true moment was realizing there were things in his life he could fight for. Now, Luna here hijacking this portion for a minute. I would also like to add that Momiji, despite seeming immature, always had a profound sense of maturity to him–likely as he was left on his own without his mother, father, or sister–always for the better of them. It’s only later on that he learns to do the better for himself too.


Hiro Sohma
Fruits Basket

From such a mean, judgmental personality his growth happened slowly but enough for us, the viewers, to notice what he said was rude or offensive. Luna once again adding on here to say that Hiro’s growth also happened in great bounds when he realized he was becoming a big brother–as he decided it was his job to be the best brother he could and protect his little sister at all costs. So cute.


Kureno Sohma
Fruits Basket

Had lost complete freedom over what he said, did, lived and loved. It took a violent force to allow him his freedom. But it happened. I think of him as an incredibly selfless person always putting his cousins’ happiness before his own. And his growth began when we decided to choose honestly first.

And those are the thoughts that keep me up at night. So proud of them~




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