Omedetou Grads- Good luck on those school entrance exams!

It’s spring and you know what that means… It’s time to find out what college you got into! Or high school! Or any school! The best part of graduation is finding out what the next step is going to be. Have it be school or passion.

How do you feel about school exams? How do you feel about having your rankings posted outside for everyone to see? Luckily, there is some sort of animosity with having your student ID posted. But this was how classes were assigned and which school you get into. Given for some of you American choir and theatre kids this is somewhat of a tradition to see who made it by public posting outside the classroom door. Only difference is in Japan it’s posted on a big bulletin board outside.

Now most anime that is based around school has a scene where they are staring at their results. Wishing they were assigned to the same class as their crush or they got into the school of their dreams. This has been a pivotal moment in the plot that sets them on a course that starts the next chapter in their lives. It’s a whole lot of pressure and stress but this is the time of year where they discover what path to take.

What I would like to mention is the amount of stress and pressure to do well. It’s crippling! In America, we don’t stress that too much. Not to say there isn’t the same entrance anxiety here in America (because some families push REALLY hard on what school their kids get into) but that anime doesn’t always mention what happens when you don’t make it. I really appreciated Blue Period for that reason. The feelings are so real and relatable on how hard students can go to acheive their goals.

For all you students out there, I want you to know that I’m impressed by the amount you spent studying and working towards your goals. No matter the outcome you will find your way! And remember…




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