Star’s experience in Scifi anime- Vivy Fluorite eye’s song Review

Here we are, with another review! This one though is by far one of the best for 2021. It finished in 24 brillant episodes and honestly had me speechless. I’m super picky with my android anime but this really had me surprised. The animation, music, sound mixing, was so good and the characters were unique their stories touching. Easily one of my favorites. I’m going to break it down for you now….

The animation was pretty as it flipped through different stylistic choices to show the passing of time and the power inside a character. The fights were fluid and easy to follow for as fast paced as they seemed. I especially enjoied the juxtaposition between the downtime and the action stylistically.

The music is a huge part of the anime. It gives drive to the main character who’s entire purpose is to make people happy through her music. She puts in a lot of work studying, composing and performing. Then we watched her experience how her music influenced the people and androids around her. Not to mention the songs are bops.

The sound mixing was important because of the music and the action. Being that there are androids, robots, guns, bombs, spaceships, music concerts and the like which seemed to weave together well.

Now the plot was the best part. It started at the end and the objective was clear but somehow it managed to surprise. Because we were looking at the solution from the very beginning. UGH SO GOOD. Anyways, that’s it for me since I’m not trying to spoil you!




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