2021 Recap, Shout-outs and 2022 Resolutions

Favorite Bloggers and Blog of the year

Traditional Catholic Weeb (Most comments received) 

Sushirainbow (Best twitter friend)

Lita & Egghead Luna (honorable mentions)

Best New Blog we found

Shoujo thoughts

Mel’s Universe

Our most liked Blog Post

769 likes on our blogs this year!!!

The Train Wreck Known as: The Promised Neverland season 2

Day 3- He took a chip…AND ATE IT: The Impact of Death Note

A new series of culture blogs is coming your way!

Our most viewed Blog Post

Weeb vs. Weeboo: The Untold definition (4,828)

Wtf is with the Gojo cat meme?–Demystifying yet another weeby mystery (3,269)

SK8 or BAIT?! : First Impressions – SK8 The Infinity (1,684)

Welcome 30 new followers who joined us on WP this year!!!

-Watched 79% of anime this year!-

Some other updates

We moved and was able to really start getting our partnerships and other projects in order. Still working out the kinks but now we know how we could do certain things. Like twitch and a podcast. We have ideas for YoutTube but nothing solidified yet.

Resolutions 2022

We kept to a few of our resolutions this year. Partnerships and projects. We didn’t reblog from other bloggers and spent less time reaching out and making friends. I think catching up with life after the shut down really caused a few bumps in our scheduling. We traveled a whole lot more and is actually behind in travel blogs on Sincerely,YCK. Let’s hope we can keep up this year!


Kumoricon Features YCK! (Such a blast)


Updated one old cosplay and added a new one!

Boogies Boys


Saw Miyavi again!


Started the podcast… Need to be better at editing and posting though haha.

Opened the webtoon! Dreaming of Content! Went well for a few months but slowed down due to technical issues and time constraints.

Going back to our roots

Started a series of new culture blogs! Interviewing and surveying the community takes a lot of work. So managing the time for the right research can be reworked.


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