CON CRUNCH: How to incorporate a mask into your cosplay

Hey everyone! As regulations start to loosen and events start to happen there comes a hurdle we now have to get over as cosplayers. Wearing a mask.

Masks have been the mandate for most conventions in the pandemic times. Which means there is one more thing to account for. The issue being making the mask make sense for a cosplay. Being a cosplayer myself, here are a few solutions I thought about…

Match the mask to the cosplay

Picking a fabric or color to embellish the outfit so that the mask becomes part of the cosplay. Almost as if it was intentional.

Buying a clear mask

One with a window to see your mouth/face underneath. Or just a full clear mask. (Given both of these will fog but at least others will get to see more of your makeup.)

Creative designs

I don’t mean just making the mask but thinking of ways the character could be masked and what kind of mask they would use. For instance cosplaying a character who naturally wears a face covering or mask of some sort. OR creating a mask that could look like it was from the universe of that character.

Some pointers

Make sure to set your makeup! With fabric rubbing up against your lips and skin or humidity from your breath making your skin dewy and your makeup cakey. Touch ups can be exhausting. Using a solid primer, waterproof makeup and setting spray will help keep the look on your face. (I like using Nyx products they have yet to do me wrong in the rain.)

Stay stay out there everyone! I hope this helps!




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