I just got Isekai’d into my own past! – First Impressions: Tokyo Revengers

Hello and welcome back to Otaku Thurday. I want to start off by just saying that this post is going to be nice and short, probably a little disorganized, but hopefully entertaining. Star and I are working on getting things ready for our first ever twitch stream that we’re doing tomorrow on the Kumoricon twitch. Wish us two pieces of weeb trash luck! But onto what we’re talking about today–an anime I really had no idea what to think of at first: Tokyo Revengers.

Tokyo Revengers
First Impressions

Tokyo Revengers 

So…Tokyo Revengers. Star and I were like–“oooh this looks like a gang anime let’s watch it!” That. That was it. That is the most we thought/knew of this show when we began. So we watch the first episode right? And the main character we get introduced to was like…nope not it. My initial thought, that I said out loud, was that he looked like every Isekai protagonist. Black hair, kinda wimpy, not leaving his house and complete average joe. But that couldn’t be! This was supposed to be a gang anime. Right? Well right and wrong. The most pivotal things in the first episode–the thing that really gets into the true plotline is when homeboy gets pushed in front of a train. And supposedly dies. And this entire time I was like–are you friggin’ kidding me? When he got pushed in front of the train, I was like — did he just die? THIS IS AN ISEKAI! Because yes, yes he was in an isekai. Except instead of dying and going to another world, he ended up in the past. And not just any past–his past.

Tokyo Revengers

Which brings us into the meat of what this show is really about. MC, who was a total delinquent in his past, gets transported back in time to his middle school days where he has to essentially change gang history so his middle school girlfriend doesn’t die in a future gang accident. Does that sound convoluted? Because to me it was slightly convoluted but also I kinda dug it. Plus homeboy from the past reminds me of Kuwabara, thus I have called him Kuwabara since the start (his real name is Takemichi). The whole swapping from the past to the future, via handshaking (or holding) his girlfriend’s younger brother’s hand. Don’t ask me why this is how he switches back and forth. I honestly don’t know. But anyway, you’d think that being a delinquent, Kuwabara would be like kinda cool, right? No. Oh you poor sweet naïve child, no. Kuwabara 2.0 is not cool, he gets beat up so often that I’m pretty sure that he has to have brain damage. Honestly, I’m always shocked that Kuwabara 2.0 is in this gang or knows some gang leaders at all–like he’s so lame SO lame. I don’t even know how he got with his middle school girlfriend. I guess he must have a really good heart.

Tokyo Revengers
Mikey & Drakon

But regardless, the story itself is fairly interesting. I find myself enjoying each episode we watch, even if I’m perplexed with how this kid who got Isekai’d into his own past is going to manage to change the future without dying himself. (Who knows, maybe he will die for real though). I really like the head honcho gang leader Mikey and his bff/bodyguard/right-hand man Drakon. I’m curious to see how Mikey goes all bad guy in the future, or I guess not–because that’s what Kuwabara is trying to stop from happening.

Anyway, should you watch Tokyo Revengers? Yeah, y’know, why not? Even if I think certain things about it (like main character-kun ) are dumb, I’m overall enjoying it. The gang drama isn’t necessarily riveting or what Star and I would normally get swept up into, but it’s entertaining in of itself. It’s definitely something that you should add to your watch list, just for fun! Anyway, that’s all for today! Til next time.

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