Creative ways to spend with your weebs this holiday season

For those of you that have a special group of nerds in your life here are a few good ways to get you introverts to do something holiday-themed together. (Not to say you all are introverted but you know what I mean.)


Cooking and Baking together (a fancy dinner)

For a few years, we have thrown a baking/cooking party of sorts! Our own version of a “Holiday Party” where we decorated cookies, gingerbread houses, and even made okonomiyaki. Because food is always the best thing. for bringing people together. If you go out to a restaurant and maybe (dress up classy for once) it brings you all together for some (possibly cancerous meme sharing) informative and humbling conversation.

Secret Santa and White Elephant parties (Cringmas edition optional)

(Warning these parties can always get intense.) Making themes for the year is a good way to get everyone pretty pumped and engaged. Thinking about the worst (best) gifts for anyone involved. You may be surprised by what your group may come up with.

Game bundles

So this is mostly due to the result of black Friday or holiday sale hauls (online or irl). Inviting your friends to come over for a friendly fighting game competition, sharing your VR, or playing board games for various lengths. Knowing nerds, they may bring along their gaming platforms and collections with them.

Holiday movie marathons

In our group of nerds, we like throwbacks, anime marathons and cancerous movies. We don’t watch too many, but we definitely try. There’s only so much triggering we can handle for one day.

Hope this helps with your upcoming holiday parties!




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