How to eat in Cosplay- Problems in Cosplay

This is for all those people who ever saw pics of cosplayers or watched con goers and thought… How do you eat in all that cosplay lol

Messy foods

They are sometimes unavoidable and a hangry cosplayer is something to be feared. But only after they uncomfortable but they might be stressed out. Which is not a good combination in any circumstance. So, with that being said here is how to combat the messy food situation.


They are your friends. When there is an option for a fork, spoon, knife take it. For soft foods, spoons are the ones to use. Because they will mold to the shape of the spoon. Such as, cake and rice dishes. Forks are perfect when it comes to things. Sliced fruit, popcorn chicken, and other hand foods. Knives are great in combination for pre-cut food. Chicken fingers, fries and pizza.

Layered food

I advise against eating in cosplay. But if it is the only option then here is goes you do it. Oils and sauces is a cosplayers enemy.

  • Wear a jacket over your cosplay to protect from spills.
  • Hold the item with tons of napkins in your hand, so it doesn’t drip on your lap.
  • Remove layers or eat later by layer and with utensils.
  • Anything to keep your wig out if you’re face.

Safe foods & Quick tips

Dry goods is always safe. Crumbly foods is good when there isn’t something that can melt or be sticky to leave residue. Granola/protein bars are good because of the plastic wrapping that can help keep your hands clean. Straws are safer than open lid drinks. Lots scan also be unreliable so make sure to watch out for that when sipping.

Alright that’s all for now! Be careful out there!




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