A very late, very official introduction to Weebspeaking Gaishits

It’s time to meet our friends and partners that we are incredibly proud to be a part of. Everyone, this is the Weebspeaking Gaishits!

We are a variety group specializing in all things weeby. Each of us are obsessive collectors, critics, fans, otaku of particularly nerdy pass times.

Us, as Y0uc4n7kn0w, have taken on the role of blogging the adventures and anime reviews of WsGs. We also cosplay with them too! Soon you’ll see changes starting with a new url. (Don’t worry, we’re keeping our name and not totally rebranding.)

We want to keep giving you the goods so we will have another blog that is more centered about the essence of what we love. Writing!!! So with that being said we welcome you to the WsGs discord where we will share articles and chat live with the rest of the gaishits.


Star and Luna


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