How to Train your Dragon: The Hidden World – Movie Review

We’re changing it up this week with a movie review! Brought to you by yours truly, Star. It’s rare that we do american animated reviews but we figured why not we did that one time with Voltron, why not with movies too?

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This movie series has seriously grown in 10 years. Not just with the characters but with the animation. They had honestly outdone themselves and it was a pleasure to watch HIiccup and Toothless play their swan song. Dreamwork may have made their best film yet being that it’s incredibly detailed, from the lighting to the texture, to the hair, to the horns (I could keep going). Then they hit you with an incredibly engaging plot and characterization. Then knocked you out, with a humorous but meaningful script. And honestly a great treat and cute ommage to Viking sagas.

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In the last part of this three movie series, we watch Hiccup finally prove to himself how worthy of a leader he is to his community. While Toothless finally gained freedom and love, and in doing so found his community. I won’t give away too much but honestly the furries are the cutest dragons I’ve ever seen. Being that their behaviors are a mix of feline, canine, bird and reptile they were a pleasure to watch as they interacted with each other.

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Let’s not forget the human element that they brought forward. Being that this village had completely adapted their lifestyle to cater to dragons. Then watching as Hiccup and Astrid shared their love and appreciation with each other in similar head nuzzles and playful fighting. Astrid particularly, had to grow into a more emotional support role being that she was the first to believe in Hiccup and the only one who could get through to him. (Of course she had some advice but in her heart I think she knew what to say.)

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Now, I do think they gave away too much in the trailers but I also think we all saw it coming. We knew it was going to be the end of the series but it didn’t make it hurt any less. I often forget how much time passes when I watch Hiccup and Toothless but I’m that engaged in the storytelling that I started crying when I realized that the movie was almost over. I didn’t want to let go, but all good things must end. I tend to be the pickiest and most critical of series and movies that don’t complete the plot but this one did. There were lots of tiny bows as the era of the dragons came to a close and that will always resonate in my heart. (Sorry I’m getting so emotional! lol) Well done. That’s what good planning, good writing, good animation, will come to be.


wth voltron you really didn’t take enough notes

(A rant for another time.)



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