Top 5 Anime of Spring 2022

Hello and welcome back to Otaku Thursday! I am super super sorry for missing last week. I was drowning in real-life pet sitting. But here I am again, ready to come at you with one of the hardest but funnest posts of the season–or rather last season. Here are our top five anime of Spring 2022!

5) Healer Girl

healer girl

So this show looked like cute girls doing cute things so I thought we might drop it, but it actually ended up being really cute. This is a musical anime that is often in the format of a musical. The episodes flew by with how catchy the songs were — it was honestly such a cute anime. The concept of healing through song was really interesting, and the voice actors were very impressive.

4) Dance Dance Danseur

dance dance danseur

An anime about ballet–a boy dancing ballet none the less. This was honestly gorgeous. We really loved the narrative, the backstory of the characters, and the dedication to showcasing ballet. Like, it was touching–we were moved by the performances. We can’t wait to see next season–because it NEEDS a second season. Like seriously, we have this thing where we can’t award anything number one if it feels unfinished. But this was amazing.

3) Ya Boy Kongming!

ya boy kongming!

One of the best frigging surprises of anime for Spring 2022. Kongming was honestly probably our fan favorite. The story was great, it hit emotional moments, funny moments, and the music was bopping. Every time we watched this show, the episodes went by so fast from how much we were enjoying it. But again, we felt we couldn’t give it number one because the story is unfinished and in desperate need of season two. Once Eiko actually becomes world famous–that’s when we think it’s worthy of number one.

2) Spy x Family

spy x family

Another show that could’ve easily been number one–if only it didn’t need a second season. While Spy x Family was great for humor, action, characters, animation, and originality–it very much was just the beginning of a much longer story. So while it was great, it’s still only our number two.

1)  Fanfare of Adolescence

fanfare of adolsecence

This is probably a controversial choice. I know that because I saw that this show doesn’t have a lot of fans and reviews are pretty meh on it. But Star and I greatly enjoyed it. While the CGI of the horses wasn’t always smooth, the insight into the life of a jockey was filled with drama. It was an interesting mix–an ex-idol wanted to be a jockey. It tackled complicated issues such as natural talent vs. hard work, eating disorders in jockeys, having to give up on dreams–so many things. It was honestly a really good drama and we loved the characters. It also, unlike most other shows this season, felt like it ended. The story of our hero came to a close. But yes, sometimes the pacing felt off–yes we could have wanted more, but also it felt like a good and finished story anyway. And it made us laugh, and it made us cry multiple times. It was truly a wild ride, and we really appreciated it for everything it was.

So there it was! Our possibly controversial top five anime of spring 2022! What do ya’ll think? How mad at us are you for our number one? And which of the others do you think should’ve won? Let us know in the comments below! And also if you think something else entirely should’ve won. We love hearing other people’s opinions!

Stay weebtastic




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