Demystifying golden week- What is Golden week again?

Heyo! It’s golden week! What is golden week? So glad you asked! Golden week also known as Ogon Shukan is a special streak of 4 holidays that is celebrated in Japan. Showa Day (Showa no hi) which happens on April 29, Constitution Memorial Day ( Kempo Kinenbi) which happens a few days later on May 3, Greenery Day (midori no hi) the following day on May 4, and Children’s Day (Kodomo no Hi) as the last holiday on May 5.


The first holiday Shōwa Day is named after Emperor Showa whose reign lasted from 1923-1989 and celebrated his birth. He was the Emperor to start Japan’s constitution. The actual day of Japan’s democracy is celebrated on Constitution Memorial Day. For a while, Showa day was also called Greenery day to celebrate Showa’s love and appreciation for nature but instead was moved for a day where nature could be the entire focus and allow citizens of Japan to continue to celebrate Showa. Children’s day also known as Boy’s day (Tango no Sekku) wraps up the golden week experience as boys recognize their fathers.

Traditions & Festivities

Each holiday has it’s own specialities regarding the day and how to celebrate but you can often find many japanese citizens taking time off of work and festivals starting up to enjoy the spring air. There will most likely be several traditional helmets as decoration in various forms as well as koi kites. This is also a popular time to see the sites, visit the countryside, and enjoy the beautiful natural wonders that Japan is known for: onsens (natural springs), various flowers in bloom, and festivals galore.

I kept it short and sweet!




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