Top 5 Anime Openings of Fall 2021

Hello and welcome back to Otaku Thursday! It feels like it’s been a while since I’ve actually done a post for this fine Otaku day. I have had…a lot to do, so it’s sort of just slipped my mind! Now I know I should probably do a first impressions or something, but I am going to do something easy (and slightly collaborative) instead. Let’s count down the top five anime openings of Fall 2021–as ranked (thank you) by Star.

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top anime openings fall 2021

5 ) “DIES IN NO TIME” by Jun Fukuyama, The Vampire Dies in no Time

The vampire dies in no time
ronaldo and draluc

So coming hot in number five is DIES IN NO TIME. Now, this song is always stuck in my head. It is just extremely catchy–like almost as catchy as LOST IN PARADISE from Jujutsu. As for the animation, it is but a standard anime opening. I will say the more you watch the show, the funnier the opening gets because you get all the references. Like…the flowers in one sequence. But still, while it’s good–it’s nothing special.

4 ) “Hikaru Toki” by Hitsuji Bungaku, Heike Monogotari

Heiki Monogotari anime opening

This song is also very typical drama anime opening. There’s nothing that really stands out about it–except for the fact that it itself and the anime it comes from, are stand outs in their own right. The uniqueness of the animation, the simplicty of the feel-good opening. It’s all really great. Which doesn’t feel fitting for a show like this. Honestly, Star and I both agreed this was a great opening–but we just couldn’t put to words why we liked it so much. We just did.

3 ) “EVERBLUE” by Omoinotake, Blue Period

Blue Period anime opening

Star and I agree that out of all the anime openings, we like this the best stylistically. I think it’s just such a fitting song for the show, and I love Omoinotake. I love how everything about it screams artwork–from the page turning for transitions or even the subtle manga screen tones over sequences. I love the variety of art we see in this opening. It’s so good.

2 ) “Sense” by BAND-MAID, Platinum End

Platinum End anime opening

So admittedly, I always forgot that this opening was so good–like I ALWAYS forget what this opening sounds like until it starts playing, but then I’m pleasantly surprised. This visuals in this opening are cut perfectly to the music, making it stand out. The song is EXCELLENT. Honestly, I would expect no less from the successor anime to Death Note (who also had banger openings).

1 ) “Zankoku Shangrila” by O★Z, Visual Prison

Visual Prison anime opening

Rolling in at number one is none other than Zankoku Shangrila from Visual Prison. Now, I had no qualms with this being number one, and when Star explained why this was number one, I totally agreed. So the reason being, is that this song about vampires singing, has this opening as a prominent number in the storyline. So Star saw it as like this was the music video for that song–which makes sense because it is SO over the top. I kind of love how ridiculous it is. And the song IS good. So I can definitely agree that this is number one. For being a true music video moment. Also that backbend in the beginning is amazing.

That’s about it for the top five! I bet you all have a different top five yeah? Let us know in the comments below! I’m super curious to see what is number one for everybody else. As for me, while I can’t say I have a number one this time, I definitely always have DIES IN NO TIME stuck in my head–just because of how catchy it is. Anyway, that’s all for now. Til next time!

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