A weeb’s downtime- What weebs do on their days off

This one is written for those of you who can’t understand what weebs do in their downtime. To put it simply weebs are just like everyone else, but a little more focused.


Much like scrolling through amazon or window shopping, weebs have a few things in mind when they shop. Useful items, clothing, cosmetics, appliances it just happens to fan based. Everything. From lolita shoes, itabags, hello kitty waffle makers to All-might work athletic wear we can’t stop the excited fangirling.


Weebs were watching simulcast episodes before streaming services could stream. Our dedication to the watching the next episode is incredible. When we binge, we BINGE. Thanks to Netflix and Hulu anime has become mainstream, and we don’t even have to hide how nerdy we are.


Not all weebs are cosplayers. Projects span over several genres. Like combining crafting hobbies to be our exact kind of nerd. Sometimes that’s making tiny figurines, collecting pokemon cards, redecorating our space to showcase all our favorite pieces.

Our love for the fandom goes so deep we try to integrate it into every part of our everyday lives. Have that be something subtle or something obviously weeby. But if you’re ever wondering what your nerdy friend might be doing on their day off, you can definitely assume it’s these top three.

Alright it’s been short and sweet!




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